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BIZ Academy Podcast
Hosted By: Wyatt Yates

Goodbye Money Myths, Hello BIZ Academy!



Embark with me, Wyatt Yates, on a transformative journey through the evolving landscape of business ownership in our first episode under the new banner of the Biz Academy Podcast. After three years of financial coaching and a significant rebrand from Rugged Financial to Biz AccountPros, we've become a beacon for business owners in need of outsourced accounting expertise. As your guide, I'll share the personal saga that led to expanding our horizons and how my solo venture blossomed into a team driven by a mission to streamline your business operations with the latest technology and expert accounting professionals. Prepare to uncover the secrets of business growth, from startup struggles to scaling success, and learn how to harness the power of informed decision-making for your enterprise.

This episode is not just an introduction; it's a pledge to arm you with a wealth of knowledge gleaned from nearly two decades immersed in the small business world. Whether you're nurturing the seeds of a new venture or cultivating an established commercial garden, our discussions will be packed with enlightening insights and strategies, tailored to both the budding entrepreneur and the seasoned business owner. I invite you to join us in tackling the exhilarating challenges of small business management, where we'll share stories, impart lessons, and offer actionable tips that promise to fuel tangible growth and success for your business journey.

Episode Transcript:

Wyatt Yates Host 00:03 Welcome to the Biz Academy podcast, where we dive deep into the realities of business ownership, bring you valuable lessons, practical how-tos and expert insights to help you and your business thrive. So let's roll up our sleeves and keep down to business. Welcome. I'm your host, Wyatt Yates. Well, you may have noticed the different introduction to this episode, and it's been almost two years since our last episode on the Money Myths Podcast, which was on our series that covered inflation, which was by far our most downloaded episodes of the podcast. But a lot has changed in the last two years. 00:54 When I first launched the Money Myths Podcast three years ago, I had just started my business and the business was Rugged Financial and I was doing financial coaching for individuals and couples and it was just me with a vision to help people. Well, over the last three years Rugged Financial starting , the business has morphed and shifted and grown. We're no longer known as Rugged Financial and it's no longer just me, and we don't even do financial coaching anymore. In 2023, we went through a major rebranding and changed the company name to Biz AccountPros to better reflect what we do, which is outsourced accounting services for businesses, and the team has grown from it being just me to now there's four of us and we're continuing to grow. So a lot's changed the name of the business, the services we offer that's all changed, but the mission of helping people still remains. At Biz AccountPros, we address the problem that many business owners find themselves in, which is maybe they lack the expertise or they don't have the time that they need to manage their accounting and back office functions of their business, and we come in as their outsourced accounting partner to help them streamline processes, get the time back that they need and the information they need that is necessary to make informed decisions that can help drive their business forward. Our clients range from startups to established businesses with tens of millions of dollars in revenue, and we're very heavy on personal touch and using technology, including AI, to significantly improve and streamline the back office processes of businesses and turn, saving them time and giving them better insights. That's all I'll cover on Biz AccountPros for now, but if you want to learn more, you can go to our website, which is bizaccountproscom. 03:20 Now, given all that has changed over the last two years with the rebranding and how our business has evolved, we are relaunching the podcast. It's no longer going to be called Money Myths podcast, though the old Money Myths episodes are still going to be available. Anywhere you listen to podcasts, it's going to be under this new brand. That's the first 27 episodes on this podcast are all related to the old Money Myths podcast and you can also find them on our website Now. The podcast is now being called. 04:02 From this point forward, at least for the foreseeable future, is the Biz Academy podcast. Our mission is to help business owners navigate through the exciting and challenging world of small business. Whether you're just starting out on your business journey or maybe you're a seasoned business owner, we're going to aim to bring you valuable content and fresh insights to help you improve and ultimately grow your business. For the last 18 years, I've been in the world in one way or another, of small businesses. I've either worked in, consulted with or grown businesses from initial idea and startup to millions in revenue. I've seen it all, or most of it. There's always new surprises, but I've been through a lot of what works, what doesn't work. There's been countless lessons learned along the way the last nearly 20 years. The Biz Academy podcast is going to cover all of these lessons learned and much more. 05:20 Each week, we're going to look to and aim to bring you content that is relevant and helpful. In the truth, growing your business is hard. It will be one of the hardest things you do. There's sleepless nights, there's stress, there's constant problems to solve. There's vendor issues, customer issues, employee issues. It's never ending. There is no quick and easy way to grow your business, despite what you may hear and see on social media. It is hard, but it can also be one of the most rewarding things that you do, regardless of what your business does. You get to help people solve a problem and you get to help your employees provide for their families. It really doesn't get much more rewarding than that. 06:17 So we're gonna aim to bring you valuable content each week that is centered around business ownership, things that you can do and hopefully help you grow your business. So I hope you continue to listen in each week as we bring episodes looking to solve problems inside your business. The theme for these first few weeks is gonna revolve around actually starting a business, some lessons we've learned the last nearly 20 years of doing this, some helpful insights on some specific industries that we work in that really can be applied to any business. But it's all gonna be geared around those early stages of business ownership and when you first are starting out. And then we're gonna dive into several other topics everything related to back office functions, investments in your business, budgeting for your business. We have a wide range that we're looking to bring. We're looking to bring in some outside experts in different industries or with different businesses or different service providers, so we can continue to bring you valuable content each week as you go along in your business journey. 07:45 So I'd like to thank you for your support with the old podcast and hopefully you continue to listen, and I would just like to welcome you to the Biz Academy podcast. Looking for more information, visit to access our free PDF on the five biggest financial mistakes business owners make. On our website, you can also sign up for our weekly emails, where we share the same valuable advice that we provide our clients, giving you the insights you need to grow your business. Thank you for tuning in to this episode of the Biz Academy podcast. If you found value in this episode, there are three ways you can support us in reaching more people like you. First, be sure to subscribe to the podcast to stay updated on future episodes. Second, leave a rating and review. That would greatly help us expand our reach and guide more individuals through your business journey. And lastly, don't forget to take a screenshot of this episode and share it on your social media channels, tagging us with at bizaccountpros. See you next time.

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